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Love can be the most beautiful thing; and it can be the most painful. Love is a feeling everyone experiences from birth to death. Love, ultimately, is one’s choice on how to embody it, for the good or bad. Love is the very essence of passion. #LOVEINONEDOSE

So why the pill?

You are the pill. The brand is for the bold, strong and independent individuals. You are an amazing, unique and beautiful human being. You deserve to love and you deserve to be loved. You don’t let anyone bring you down. You are to love and be loved. If you think you're different, you are a "Little Dose of New Normal" (LDN). No one is the same as you, You are uniquely You! 

Trendsetter, welcome home.


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Express. Stay True. It's a Creative Rebellion.
LovePillsLDN xxx

Alicia and her road to becoming a star!

Get to know the singer on the rise, Alicia Jordan-the female "Chris brown" of this generation. 

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