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Skulls with blooming roses represents the brand as a sign of life and regeneration despite the challenges of fate. 

Love blooms life but Pills are deadly. Love in itself is an addiction.

Doses of Love is what we want and need.


FEARLESS ++ | 9 Brands that are changing the world

In this day and age, buying has never been so much easier faster and convenient. We have written down our top 9 online shops that you should definitely check out!

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LPL FEATURED in The Courage Magazine

See our first feature on the Hult International School's top Magazine spread! It was great being part of a university with the market full of amazing and passionate individuals!

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LovePilldLDN | Alicia and her road to becoming a star!

Get to know the singer on the rise, Alicia Jordan-the female "Chris brown" of this generation. 

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We proudly introduce one of the best All Hallow's Eve parties of 2017 hosted by LPL! It was intoxicatingly hypnotic. Contagiously liberating. Simply, it was truly THE Night to Remember.

Express. Stay True. It's a Creative Rebellion.

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